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BQ6600 6" Offset Insert Adapter   0

BQ6600 6" Offset Insert Adapter

The BQ6600 is one of our line of universal adapters that allow you to mount other manufacturer's products or your own custom creation into Burnewiin Mounts.  The BQ6600 is particularly useful for Magna (TM) brand BBQs and bait boards.  It can also be adapted to other BBQs or products using the Burnewiin UP4070 Mounting Plate.  The BQ6600 creates a 6” (150mm) horizontal and 2.75” (70mm) vertical offset of the attached accessory and can be attached to the accessory in a 45 degree manner to a create a forward or aft positioning of the accessory.  It is incredibly useful adapter and is a visual work of art.  If you have never wanted a BBQ on your boat because of mounting concerns, then be sure to have a close look at this product. Some customers also install a Burnewiin mount in a storage hold to securely store the BBQ in that mount when not in use on deck.

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