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RH8420 Rod Holder

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We all know the limitations of the standard 30 degree flush mount rod holder.  By placing the RH8420 Rod Holder above the gunwale, these limitations are gone.  Versatility and flat fishing positions are the primary benefits.  20 degree vertical and 22.5 degree horizontal positions are available to create a multitude of rod positions.  The positions can be tipped down and out progressively as you move forward on the gunwale allowing a trolling array that eliminates stacked lines.  Drift or bottom fishing with flat rod positions optimizes the full potential of the rod’s action. An integrated cleat enables the rod to be locked in with the use of a ¼” rod leash.  This is important when running flat or negative fishing positions.  Made from solid investment cast 316 stainless steel and used in combination with a GM650 mount, you are ready for heavy action.  We regularly meet boat owners that do not see the need for this versatility, but for those who have switched, there is no going back.

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